PK9JF+ 75g

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PK9JF+ = Performance Canine Joint Formula (Powder)

“Boosted” version of our successful PK9JF to support stamina, health & naturally healthy joints in dogs of all ages

PLUS we have added Botanic Vitamins 500 % stronger than rosehip Vitamin C and 25 % more collagen minerals.

Designed to improve the natural intrinsic collagen synthesis plus 25 % more phytonutrients than in our everyday dog joint formula TuffRock K9JF to support dogs that need to “step up” and be comfortable in their senior years.

SUMMARY: TuffRock PK9JF+ is a powerful blend of collagen minerals synergized with phytonutrients plus Superfood Botanic Vitamins to support the metabolism of fat & enzyme reproduction in active or aged dogs. 5 grams per medium sized dogs delivers 5 % RDI of vitamins A,B,C,E & essential omegas to support stamina, digestive health, joints and natural freedom of movement in super active dogs, ligament or joint challenged dogs of all ages.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review