The TuffRock K9 Story

22nd Aug 2013

The TuffRock K9 Story

2013 Latest News – New range of dog products are Rock’n !!


Steve Hurley one of the Founders and Managing Director of TuffRock. He’s a great guy to talk to and it’s easy to see he’s very passionate about TuffRock and the great products that are available through this unique Australian Hunter Valley based company. His background in the local wine industry led Steve to appreciate the benefits of soils with origins in ancient volcanoes then search for and discover other applications for the organic minerals they contain.


It is hard to believe TuffRock started 10 years ago and is well known for quietly helping horses with products they need. The TuffRock team demonstrate obvious pride shown by their excellent customer service and have developed a reputation as a true Aussie company that has literally been built by word of mouth and product performance.


The company focuses on developing products built from the world’s first energised volcanic minerals.  This fact makes TuffRock’s product range attractive to horse lovers throughout the world and the range is expanding rapidly now to the dog market.


Steve comments “we are blessed to have so many supporters in Australia that have provided TuffRock with a solid foundation who have helped us develop our unique products that horses and now dogs need in the modern day world … this has enabled us to start with nothing and grow into a small business that now employs 6 staff exporting to several countries.”  


TuffRock’s new K9 range has emerged after 5 years R & D and enjoyed a quiet release at the 2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show. By all accounts these new products are being extremely well received and there is a groundswell of support. So far 100% of customers from Sydney Royal re-ordering, sharing some beautiful stories and encouraging their friends to try the new products “...TuffRock dogs are happy dogs ..” says Steve “.. it’s very satisfying to help senior dogs however age is no barrier given some special breeds have special needs.”


When asked about the purpose of TuffRock K9 Steve comments “Just like our equine range, firstly TuffRock supports normal healthy gastro-intestinal function and we work from there. Our mission is to provide steady natural support for overall physiology including freedom of movement in horses & dogs of all ages.”


In the short term TuffRock’s K9 product manufacturing capability is limited with only 8 retailers spread across 5 states who provide direct feedback on individual cases. They are hopeful to release this exciting new range thru their national retail network as soon as possible however currently TuffRock K9 is only readily available factory direct.