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Supports Healthy Joints and Muscles

Powder: add to feed

K9JF comes packaged in powder form in a handy 500 gram bucket = 125 scoops Ration: 1 scoop<10 kg dog weight, 1.5 scoops < 30 kg OR 2 scoops < 50 kg

Senior dogs may require their ration twice a day depending on individual cases, however typically best applied once per day on main meal.

K9JF is highly palatable complements all dog diets and contains no products of animal origin, no seafood, drugs, chemicals etc, so we can focus on simply supporting normal healthy Joints and Muscles in dogs of all ages. 


(36 reviews) Write a Review

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    K9JF is Amazing &amp; Really Works

    Posted by Wendy &amp; Nils on 2nd Jul 2019

    We have a beautiful GSD named Shadow that was given to us when she was about 4 years old in 2011. Over the years she had found it difficult to jump up onto her trampoline bed &amp; also had an issue when playing with our new addition of a Jack Russell in 2016. We were told about the benefits of K9JF as we have used TUFFROCK products for many years on our horses &amp; we started the GSD on this product &amp; within a few weeks we could see the results in her wellbeing &amp; her movements. As we live on acreage, both these girls go out hunting most days &amp; enjoy swimming in the dam. Can certainly recommend this product as our GSD is enjoying a full pain free life at at least 10 years old or possibly older as she was a rescue dog from the RSPCA.

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    Seeing how it goes

    Posted by Lucinda on 2nd May 2018

    I have not really noticed any difference as yet and my dog does not like the taste so tends to leave her food if I add it in. My dog has had 2 ACL surgeries. Will keep trying.

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    Posted by Unknown on 20th Feb 2018

    After my daschund had back surgery, I have found this product really seems to have helped in his recovery and as an ongoing supplement

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    K9JF great product!

    Posted by Jo Grundy on 21st Jan 2018

    I found this product particularly useful for my older dog after he suffered an injury. I&#039;ve been using it now for about 3 years, and my boy has a spring and vitality back in his step. I&#039;ve now got all my dogs on K9JF and they&#039;re all the better for it! Thank you Tuffrocks!

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    Bindi 11 year old Greyhound

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jan 2018

    As our grey is getting on we found this product with some help from from an adoption group called Friends Of The Hound it seems to help the old girl move.

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    Stunningly Great Product!

    Posted by Laura Smith on 17th Dec 2017

    My Maltese, Podge, had to have cruciate surgery a few years ago. Upon getting older, he developed some stiffness. I started him on the K9JF as soon as it was released &amp; the results are amazing! (Previously I was giving him the Equine JF!) He’s like a puppy again &amp; has no aches or pains! I really noticed the difference when I ran out a few months ago &amp; within a couple of days, he was slow &amp; didn’t want to move too much. I now make sure that as soon as I open one tub, I go immediately &amp; buy a replacement, I’m never letting him be without it, even for a day!

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    Werner our little wonder dog

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Dec 2017

    While I have had my 16yo Lhasa on K9JK for just 3 weeks he does appear to be moving a little freer. He torn an ACL 12 months ago and healed naturally. Due to his age it is hard to tell what is ageing and what is aiding his recovery. Overall I am very happy he doesn&#039;t appear to be suffering at all. Sometimes his legs are wobbly and other times he runs around like a puppy again. Everyday is a blessing.

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    Jax the Dobermann

    Posted by Julie Henville on 12th Dec 2017

    We have had our Dobermann Jax on K9JF for just over 12 months. He sustained a horrific shoulder injury and required emergency surgery to repair a large gash in his side after hitting a tree in full stride after months of physio and hydro therapy we were told there was little we could do for him and his show caeer was over. It was suggested to us after meeting the Tuff rock team at a Sydney dog lovers show to try Jax on the K9JF well the proof is in the pudding Jax&#039;s improvement was fantastic and he can not only continue to be shown but also works as a pet educator in NSW schools and pre schools

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    Clydesdales with sore joints

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Dec 2017

    Our team of clydesdales here are all on JF and we have seen such a huge improvement whilst riding and working them. They&#039;re more eager to trot and canter and one of our stallions is jumping at a height we&#039;ve never seen before