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TuffRock Super-Tuff Bundle: The Ultimate Equine Care Combo

Elevate your animals health and performance with the TuffRock Super-Tuff Bundle, a comprehensive solution for equine care. This bundle is also suitable for working dogs. Please contact Steve via for further usage information. 

What’s in the Bundle?

  • Super-Tuff Soft Pack (2.25kg): Designed to provide your horse with the ultimate support for joint health, muscular strength, immunity, condition, and overall well being. Formulated with TuffRock's exclusive volcanic collagen minerals, these products work in harmony to enhance your horse’s vitality, stamina and recovery

  • Super Bute by Nature: A powerful and natural anti-inflammatory supplement, perfect for horses experiencing discomfort or stress. This carefully crafted formula helps in reducing inflammation and pain, promoting faster recovery and comfort

  • Super Electrolyte Formula with B Vitamins, Kakadu Plum & TuffRock G.I.: Keep your horse hydrated and balanced, especially during intense activities or in hot weather. This electrolyte blend replenishes vital minerals lost through sweat, supporting optimal hydration and electrolyte balance

Key Benefits:

  • Supports musculo-skeletal, joint & gut health

  • Safe, natural alternative to conventional anti-inflammatories, ideal for regular use

  • Hydration and Balance

Ideal For:

  • Performance horses in training and competition

  • Older horses in need of joint and muscle support

  • Horses recovering from injury or undergoing rehabilitation

  • Horses exposed to stressful conditions or intense exercise regimes

  • Horses susceptible to laminitis 

Why Choose the TuffRock Super-Tuff Bundle?

  • All-In-One Care: This bundle offers a comprehensive approach to equine health

  • Natural and Safe: Made with natural ingredients, these products are safe for regular use and free from harsh chemicals

  • Trusted Quality: TuffRock is renowned for its high-quality, effective equine products, trusted by horse people worldwide


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    Bundle with bute

    Posted by Pam Schiller on 5th Jan 2024

    Best Bute I have ever tried. My old horse with bad Navicular struggling to walk, lying down to much had the Bute and is now on Super-Tuff. Cantered yesterday and is so much happier, appetite restored, gets up easier and walks more freely. Please bundle these two product together.. Thank you